What Is the Holocaust?

Definitely one of the worst crimes that our humanity has ever seen. The World War II was a very dark time in human history. There were many people who suffered and most of them died. Between 1939 and 1945 six million Jews got killed in a horrible way in concentration camps. They got shot, gassed or they starved. That is the kind of information you usually find out in school. But compared this knowledge with emotions after visiting Auschwitz  makes such a huge difference of thinking and feeling, that I actually can’t find the right words to describe it.

fot. Clara La Fauci
fot. Clara La Fauci
fot. Aleksandra Woleńska

When I visited the camps in Auschwitz and Birkenau it just exceeded my worst expectations. The way Jews lived together in small space was horrible to see. Also their bedrooms or their hospital was just humiliating!!! It seems like they were not constructed for humans….. They lived in wooden barracks, which were not heated and completely closed. I started to ask myself : How could you survive in these barracks during the winter when the temperature was more than 30 degrees below freezing. Sometimes they even had to sleep on the ground, on an ice cold ground, where insects and rats began to multiply. When I think again and again about their living conditions in this barracks I realize that it was actually the safest place for them, because everywhere else they could get killed in every moment. They were forced to work 12 hours a day, without getting enough to eat or to drink from where they could have taken some energy.  In cases of slow working or exhaustion, they risked to get shot. Every single day they could die because of million different reasons. The concentration camps where a completely different world  to the one I live in.

fot. Sophia Gass
fot. Sophia Gass
fot. Maciej Pietrzko

Children or elderly people, who were not able to work physically were killed immediately by getting sent to the gas chambers. In those gas chambers up to 2000 people could get killed at the same time…. When I just imagine what they’d been through gives me shivers. They must have lived in endless fear, knowing they would have to be prepared to die any minute.

fot. Sophia Gass
fot. Sophia Gass
fot. Sophia Gass
fot. Sophia Gass

I just cannot understand such a bad treating of one another. Sure each of us belongs to another religion, culture and has different habits but still we are all part of the same race: the Human race. We are all Humans and that’s why I cannot understand how the Nazis were capable of such terrible actions. I do not know where the hatred and the inhumanity came from?!  How could they be so heartless, merciless and cruel. That is the question I will never be able to answer or understand!!! But what I know for sure is that we always have to remember about  that crime against humanity so that this would never happen again and to show the necessity to respect the Jews who died during the Holocaust. Those people should be able to rest in peace.
Alex Kuba



This blog 'Holocaust Why?' is a result of the work of the students from Poland, Germany and Italy who gathered together in order to learn, explore and reflect on how Holocaust influenced to the modern world and thinking. Here you will find our reflections, impressions and thoughts of our 5 days experience while completing the three-sided project. Welcome to our site.


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