The Road to Death

fot. Maciej Pietrzko

This week on the 4th of November we visited the concentration camp – Auschwitz Birkenau. During the experience there we learnt a lot about humans situation in the camp. The most dramatic thing for us was the fact, that the prisoners didn’t exactly know where they were going and what would happen to them. All those people were unaware. They took a lot of useful, casual things like hairbrushes, shoes polishes and cutlery – it all was taken away by the Germans. For the victims of this crime the train tracks were a symbol of the beginning of a new chapter in their lives, but eventually it was a symbol of death. When they had arrived they realised what really happend to them and still couldn’t be sure if they would live to the next day. Right after their arrival they were selected by the SS doctors. If they were able to work, they survived, if not they were immediately sent to the gas chambers, mostly children with their mothers and elderly people. In our opinion the most terrifying fact is that just a few seconds of Nazi soldiers’ gaze decided about such a big number of human lives.

fot. Marta Talaga

People were treated like animals, destinated for slaughter. Into one carriage there were more than 80 poeple put for a road that could take more than a week. They had no stops to use toilets or have something to drink and eat. Some of them didn’t survive the dreadful road. After their arrival at the camp the true hell began…  

Marta Talaga
Sophia Gass
Maciej Pietrzko



This blog 'Holocaust Why?' is a result of the work of the students from Poland, Germany and Italy who gathered together in order to learn, explore and reflect on how Holocaust influenced to the modern world and thinking. Here you will find our reflections, impressions and thoughts of our 5 days experience while completing the three-sided project. Welcome to our site.


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