Children, Teenagers, Holocaust…Why?

When the World War II began and the Nazi party members started to persecute Jews, Gypsies and political enemies from all the submitted states, even children were a part of that horrible massacre.

Lots of children, the women and elderly people were immidiately destinated to death chambers because they were considered unable to work. We know that in Aushwitz died 216.000 Jewish children ,11.000 Gipsy children, more than 3.000 Polish children and more than 1.000 Soviet Union children.

When they were not destinated to death they were used for science experiments and they were terribly tortured.

We think that killing a child is more difficult than killing an adult because children are „pure”. So why?

ph: Clara La Fauci

In our opinion  if someone wants to earase culture, it is more functional to start killing children because they are the men and women of the future, and so the ones who will keep the traditional identity of people.

We can find cruelty in killing child and young people even in the fact that they won’t have the chance to live a life, they did not even know why they were killed.

When we went to Auschwitz camp, we travelled back in the past and tried to feel a small part of their pain and their stories, we couldn’t imagine their experiences. Maybe if we were the prisoners like them, from the point of view of  teenagers as we are now,  we might not be able to survive the destruction of our soul.  In fact as a Polish survivor said :”don’t cry for the ones who died because they are free but cry for the ones who are alive because we have to wait for our death”.

In other words the point which this survivor wanted to focus on was that in a situation like that, growing up and  having lived a part of your life which destroyed you inside, left scars that would always be a part of you.

So why MUST we remember what happened?

The fact that this tragedy has already happened doesn’t mean that it won’t happen again. People still die because of their religion and because of their culture. We think that people should enter deeply inside the history of the Holocaust,  as we did during our project, to really understand how humans can be mad, cruel and terribly insane in dealing with people who lived near them. Creating an almost perfect „death machine” they turned themselves into animals.The most unbelievable thing is that they wanted to decide about the life of a man or a woman, by becoming players of an insane game.

We want to end with a quote from the poem If this is a man by an Italian survivior Primo Levi:

„Meditate that this came about:

I commend these words to you,

Carve them in your hearts

At home, in the street,

Going to bed, rising:

Repeat them to your children.”

Caterina Cosenza, Clara La Fauci



This blog 'Holocaust Why?' is a result of the work of the students from Poland, Germany and Italy who gathered together in order to learn, explore and reflect on how Holocaust influenced to the modern world and thinking. Here you will find our reflections, impressions and thoughts of our 5 days experience while completing the three-sided project. Welcome to our site.


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